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3. Openly protest against TSA at all Alaska airports until Goals 1 & 2 are met.


   A non-partisan citizens' group


1. Enact federal legislation to protect US citizens/taxpayers: 

Abolish TSA: Make airlines (not taxpayers) responsible for air transportation security.
No more "Ready, Fire, Aim": Prove safety and effectiveness of screening tools/techniques before implementing them.
Keep Hands Off! No coerced “consent” to being physically touched/groped by airport screeners as a condition of air travel.

Stay Out of Checked Bags: No property searches outside the traveler’s presence – open/search bags at check-in, then keep locked.
Hold People Accountable: No immunity from civil/criminal penalties for airport screeners who violate citizens’ rights.
Require Transparency: No more blanket secrecy by claiming “sensitive security information”.
2. Enact state laws to protect citizens' rights in Alaska’s airports:
Put Airport Police to Work for Us: Investigate sexual abuse, theft, assault, threats/intimidation, and other rights violations by TSA. 
Put Airport Managers to Work for Us:Require them to collect, report on, and address passenger/baggage screening complaints.
Post Notices of Our Rights: This includes the right to photograph and film at passenger screening. 
Litigate: Alaska’s Attorney General should challenge the constitutionality of TSA's unreasonable searches, given Alaskans’ unique needs to fly for work, health care, and even to participate in government by visiting our state and national capitals.